SAVE THE DATE: FORK SNAPSHOT ON BLOCK 767,400 (Thursday, June 11th, approx. 12 PM EST)

Submitted by CSPN-Core on 2020/06/06 - 07:08 PM EST
Category: wallet

Dear Community Members,

Through many hours and days of testing the new wallet and blockchain, we are now satisfied with the stability of the solution. This means we can move forward with the fork and set the Snapshot Date, which will happen on Block 767,400 (Thursday, June 11th, at approx. 12 PM EST). The new CSPN 2.0 wallet will be released the following day after the Snapshot: Friday, June 12th.

What is a Snapshot?

A Snapshot is a record of the blockchain as it exists on a certain block (ie. 767,400). This record becomes a historical, immutable ledger that can be referenced without any concerns to new or old data. This also means, that any transactions on the blockchain, including proof of stake blocks will not be considered valid AFTER the Snapshot occurs. It is very important to keep this in mind, as purchasing or acquiring any CSPN coins AFTER the Snapshot happens will not be honored on the new CSPN 2.0 Wallet.

The CSPN Team wants to thank all members for their patience and understanding during this critical time and hope everyone will celebrate with us on the new and improved CSPN 2.0 Blockchain and Wallet.

- Your Crypto Sports Team -