CSPN Development Update #3 - Teams, Media Galleries, Friendships

Submitted by CSPN-Core on 2019/04/27 - 09:07 PM EST
Category: development

Hey everybody,

we are making good progress on the development so far. Today we give you an insight to the newly implemented functionalities.


  • Users can now create multiple teams (clans) that other users can request to join or get directly added to by a team admin.
  • Certain roles can be applied to team members to give them permissions to edit the team details and administrate the team members.
  • Every team gets its own customizable profile just like a gamer profile where visitors can see details of the team, social media links, discord server, team members, matches and media galleries.
  • Teams that a user is part of are listed in the gamer profile.


  • Users can send each other friend requests with the options to approve / deny a request and cancel a friendship.
  • Friendships as well as incoming and pending friend requests can be managed on the friends page.

Media Galleries:

  • Media galleries can be created for gamer and team profiles.
  • Users can add YouTube Videos to the video gallery as well as Screenshots to the screenshot gallery.
  • Videos and screenshots are presented in an overlaying frame.

Private messages:

  • Users can send each other private messages in realtime thanks to the nodejs implementation.
  • New messages pop up in a draggable minichat outsite of the private messages section.
  • Screenshots of this functionality will be included in the next dev update.

Profile customization:

  • The preferred color settings that are made in the users profile are now attached to elements site wide - except on other team and gamer profiles.

What's next?

  • Finishing the user top and side main menu.
  • Finishing the private message functionality.
  • Creating overview sites for gamers and teams.
  • Creating blocks showing the newest gamers and teams on the frontpage.
  • Start working on the match entity, match list and prize negotiation functionality.

We also have some candy for your eyes again including the official Crypto Sports Network logo.

Stay tuned for the next dev update!

- Your Crypto Sports team -