Crypto Sports joins forces with Senior Game Developer and Blockchain Expert Michael F.

Submitted by CSPN-Core on 2021/03/30 - 03:09 PM EST
Category: core

After much preparation and planning, the Crypto Sports Team is excited to announce the addition of Michael F. into the Core Team which extends the Crypto Sports brand with a new division called “Crypto Sports Gaming”.

Michael is not only a very creative game developer versed in the Unity3D and Unreal4 game engines but was also the founder and lead developer of Platinum Coin from 2013-2015 that was traded on Bittrex.

With the addition of Michael to the CSPN Team, the creation of the first Integrated Player-vs-Player Platform Games, which will be playable directly in the users web browser, has already begun.

This represents a major landmark in the history of the Crypto Sports project, as Platform Gaming has always been at the heart of our vision, where gamers can get on the Platform and easily join CSPN Enabled Multiplayer Games for the opportunity to win more CSPN. This will be tied directly into the new Tournament System and allow for automated Tournaments to be running 24/7 that anyone can join into, with automatic setup that includes Match Ante and Matchmaking, to make playing games on the CSPN Platform a simple and fun experience.

The first game, which has already been launched on Steam under the name of Crypto Sports Gaming, is named “Bunny Count”. It is a funny first/third person shooter for Windows PC where Bunnies fight Bears with guns in various game modes including Domination, Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and many more. Bunny Count is still in the Steam Early Access program and will be featured on the CSPN Platform to compete against other gamers soon.

To make things even more exciting: Michael is also bringing experience in developing Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) to the Crypto Sports Team and we will be looking for ways to integrate NFT directly into the CSPN Eco System.

But wait… there’s more!

Michael has also already made a working prototype of a fully 3D built wallet where you can actually walk through, we even have plans to release a CSPN 3D Wallet for people that would love to jump and swim in their own CSPN coin pool ;-)

Due to the fact that Crypto Sports is now instantly able to start working on these important things that were originally planned for Phase V, the Roadmap is about to be updated to meet the current events.

There are also a number of new socials that will join the CSPN Brand, including a Crypto Sports Gaming branded Twitter and official Steam Account which can be seen here:

To get a feeling of what Michael is capable to do we will add some images and videos of his work for you.

We hope the Community is as eager to start playing Crypto Sports Network Platform Games as we are and look forward to much bigger news as development starts to kick off.

-Your Crypto Sports Team-